Trendy Latin American Chefs

The women have been taking power in the professional kitchen and they have gained an important place in the palate of the most demanding diners, with exceptional dishes always accompanied by good attitude.

We introduce you to some of those who leave the name of Latin America high in other horizons, award winners, leading chef of international cuisines, conductors of their own TV programs, writers and above all inspirational women.

Michelle Bernstein

The Argentine fierceness came to Miami and is now an important part of the culinary talent that is reflected in television. Bernstein classifies his food as luxury but close to the heart of the people.

She was the winner of the James Beard Award in 2008 as the best chef in the South of the United States, this is one of her greater achievements. During the first 3 years of her career she was the only woman in the kitchens where she worked, but over time she managed to overcome the difficulties and take the best to be who she is today.

True to her roots, her favorite recipe for a group of guests is the barbecue, as good Argentines are masters in this ancient art.

Pati Jinich

Jinich is Mexican and his love of cooking comes from his family and from childhood. Initially she studied to work as a political analyst but over the years she realized that what she was passionate about in life was cooking. It was there that she took the great leap to become a chef.

Before embarking on her official career as a chef, she prepared with short courses and then entered the intensive training of L’Academie de Cuisine where she learned French cuisine, then embarked on a journey through Mexican cuisines that would lead her to discover a deep world of flavors and smells that represent an entire culture.

She recently published her first book, Pati’s Mexican Table, and has had the opportunity to be present on the big television networks of the United States, she have even been invited to the kitchen of Blair House, the official home of the vice president of EE.UU.

Lorena García

Garcia is a Venezuelan who brings to all cuisines flavor and that indisputable Caribbean heat. When she emigrated from Venezuela in 1990, she changed her dream of being a lawyer to become a Chef, she reached her goal in a big way after graduating from Johnson & Wales culinary college, then toured different cuisines in the world as an apprentice chef, from France to Korea Lorena Garcia traveled collecting the knowledge that has led her to be who she is today.

She works in a simple cooking style where people can be reflected in flavors that bring them closer to the emotions. In 2011 she published the recipe book Lorena Garcia’s New Latin Classics: Fresh Ideas for Favorite Dishes.

She has participated in a wide variety of television programs from “La Cocina de Lorena García” to “Top Chef Master” in the Bravo chain. She is currently executive chef of two restaurants LG Tapas and LG Cocina.

Ingrid Hoffmann

Hoffman is one of the most recognized Latin chefs in the world, her books have been translated into English and enjoyed a lot of popularity. The first of his books was Delicious: A collection of my favorite recipes with Latin flavor published in 2008, four years after many studies and hard work was born Latin D’Lite: Delicious Latin recipes with a healthy touch.

Also with her cooking style she has toured some of America’s most far-reaching television spots such as Ellen, Oprah, The Today Show.

Marcela Valladolid

Valladolid developed a type of cuisine that fuses the classic and powerful Mexican flavors with the simplicity of American cuisine, but with the unbreakable flag of healthy cuisine.

This young chef born in San Diego California but raised in Mexico subjugated everything that Mexican culture brings to her human growth. Today she is a successful writer with more than 5 titles to her credit, varied participations in television programs, editor of Bon Appétit and owner of her own line of healthy foods.

These are only 5 of the many women who today are the standard of strength, constancy, responsibility, creativity and culinary skill in the world, representatives of Latin America to the world.

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