All you need to know about the naked cakes

Naked cakes are a tendency that came to refresh the cake industry; simplicity and detail are the secret that has made this style become one of the favorites for spring reunions.

When we talk about naked cakes, the main thing that we have to take in consideration is the perfect baking of the cake, if it burns, the dark color could completely ruin the aesthetic of the cake, even if it doesn’t affect the taste.

The goal of a naked cake is to show the cake as much as possible and accompany it with fresh flavors, which is why it has become one of the favorite styles for summer and spring mettings.

The biscuit layers mixed with fresh cream and seasonal fruits offers a very clear vision of the kind of cake that it’s going to be consumed without wasting layers of decoration that many times the guests leave aside.

If you want to try this simple but delicious kind of cake, next we give you some advices for you to have the perfect result:

Tips for a Perfect Naked Cake

  • If you want to make a several floor naked cake, the mix should not be very fluffy, because that could affect the firmness of the final result and when you’ll start to add the cream all the cake could collapse.
  • Grease the molds, this is a logical recommendation when you make a cake, but in this case is indispensable. If the baking is not perfect, you could ruin one of the floors and, as we aren’t using any coverture, the cake could look very bad.
  • Freezing the cake is not a technique that appeals to all bakers, but this could be very helpful in the set up of you cake. Put your cakes into the refrigerator for 24 hours, then you can take it out 12 hours before the event to start the assembly.
  • Level up your cakes. All the layers of your cake should be fully leveled.
  • If you dare to make a 3 or 4 levels cake, assemble each floor separately and at the time of the event make the final assembly.
  • It’s important that you bring cream, spatula and extra fruits for the moment of montage, that way if something goes wrong you have the tools on hand to solve it.
  • Exposure: you must remember that the cake will be exposed to the weather, so it’s possible that can lose the natural moisture. Apply a light bath with syrup and liquor to give a different touch and that will help to retain the cake’s moisture.

Fill Details

  • The creams for the fillings must be mainly consistent, firm and above all that do not lose its contexture with the hours. You can use buttercream or just cream, it all depends on your particular taste.
  • You must remember that in a naked cake, the cake itself is the protagonist. However, cream with a little fruit can add a delicious touch to itself.
  • Finally, sprinkle a very thin layer of snowed sugar on the top of the cake. That’s definitely the cherry on top of the cake.

Now it’s up to you to go straight to the kitchen and start putting together your own naked cake, creativity, precision and care is what you must have to obtain, a delicate and provocative result in sight and taste.

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