Mise en place, the art of order in the kitchen

We are constantly told that in order to optimize the work we must maintain order, which helps to carry out the tasks in a systematic way, thus increasing the effectiveness. Well this in the kitchen is not just an idea, it’s a necessity.

From there is born the ‘Mise en place’, of French origin that means “put in its place” or “everything in its place”. When cooking it’s essential to maintain order among the ingredients, if they need refrigeration, if you have to do some preparation, the necessary ingredients and everything is ready when you start cooking.

When talking about mise en place, it refers to the separation of each ingredient and utensil that will be used during the preparation and the plating.

The first thing to do to make this process really effective is to check the recipe. Count the amount of pans, spoons, thermometer, pallets, brushes and containers necessary in relation to the step by step.

If the recipe is for a dessert you must have all the ingredients measured and separated, If they are 100 gr of flour, 2 eggs, 50 gr of sugar we should have each ingredient measured and assigned to a container so that at the beginning of the preparation the times will be accelerated.

This is a technique that was started by Auguste Escoffier for professional kitchens, but it’s also very useful at home where you will see how you will not be wasting time cutting an onion while you are burning the chicken. Now before making the meal remember to first prepare your Mise en place.

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