The ideal cooking point for a beef

When we talk about red meats one of the most important aspects is the cooking point of it. It’s important to choose according to our particular taste, because even in certain fast food places we can be asked, In what point do you want your meat? And to answer properly you must know the options.

As for tastes nobody has the right choice, what does exist, is a variety that allows all palates to be pleased.  Each cooking term can offer different flavors because the interaction with the temperature defines the taste and final texture of the meat product.

Blue / Turn & Turn / English Point

For the most daring there is the Blue point or Turn & Turn, is when the meat is sealed on high fire on both sides but leaving the interior completely red. In this term the meat in the center of the piece can be kept cold and the cooking temperature goes between 46 ° C to 51 ° C.


It’s when the sealing is done for longer allowing it to cook a little more than just the crust; this makes the meat keep its juices well concentrated inside the piece giving more strength to each ingredient. It can reach 71 ° C.

Three quarters

For those who see this completely red meat on their plate gives them some repulsion they may opt for this term, In which the meat is cooked until it reaches a pale pink hue, In its interior it maintains juices but already cooked. The piece of meat reaches 77 ° C inside.

Well done

And finally at this point there are few juices left inside the meat because by the longtime of exposure to the heat they have evaporated leaving the flavor well concentrated in the fiber of the meat. To reach this point, temperatures between 80 ° C and 81 ° C must be reached.

To obtain each of these terms the cooking time will depend on the thickness of each piece, the larger the piece the longer it will take to achieve its perfect point of a well-golden crust and a succulent interior full of flavor.

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