The ideal cooking point for a beef

27 December, 2016 Diana Dueñas 0

When we talk about red meats one of the most important aspects is the cooking point of it. It’s important to choose according to our particular taste, because even in certain fast food places we can be asked, In what point do you want your meat? And to answer properly you must know the options. […]


How to use the liquors in the kitchen

27 December, 2016 Diana Dueñas 0

A touch of liquor can make the flavors of your dish stand out beautifully… or it can make it very unpleasant. Whether you use it to marinate, to prepare sauces that complement your proteins or to flame fruits, it’s important that you know what each kind of liquor is used for in the preparations. […]


Butter is the secret of great kitchens?

27 December, 2016 Diana Dueñas 0

If the brighter and creamier sauces make you delirious and the spongiest and melting desserts on your palate are your favorites, then you should know that behind the most succulent meals there is always an inevitable ingredient: butter. […]


The 10 Commandments of the Cooking Student

27 December, 2016 Diana Dueñas 0

If you are studying cooking, it’s because you have already fallen under the charms of the stove and the delights of seeing the joy of others when they taste your food. But behind all this magic are rules that should be unbreakable for every cook anywhere in the world. […]

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